Pockie Saints New Class and Dungeon Details


NGames reveal more details for the upcoming, graphically rich MMO inspired by the gods of Order, Chaos, and the 12 Zodiacs

NGames, a leading online games developer and publisher, has today revealed details of the three classes and dungeon exploration awaiting players in Pockie Saints - a graphically rich MMO inspired by the gods of Order, Chaos, and the Zodiac.

Pockie Saints, a new MMORPG coming soon to Game321.com, puts players in the middle of an almighty struggle between Order and Chaos. When the Blade of Chaos crashes down to earth, Pockie Saints players must overcome unique divine challenges, tackle special instances, utilize various pets, collect medals, and master the Zodiac horoscopes in search of a Holy Blade capable of restoring peace to the world. Before it is too late.

There are three classes for players to choose from in Pockie Saints: Warrior, Assassin, and Mage.

The Warrior is a tough and strong fighter, chosen from the Empire's elite and trained to be a powerful guardian. Warriors embody the spirit of the team, leading from the front and attracting enemy fire to protect teammates.

Assassins are the fastest class. Swift of foot and firm of faith, they have been trained by the Empire to find and eliminate all traitors. Assassins are experts in stealth and can strike from anywhere - even the toughest of enemies struggle to survive their deadly strikes.

Mages are masters of magic, able to control the elements; they can cause unimaginable destruction and eliminate many enemies at once. Mages can also use their power to heal the wounds of teammates.

Pockie Saints allows players to choose the class that best suits their play style and embark on epic quests and dungeon exploration. Once players reach the modest Lvl.26+ requirement, they are free to delve into the depths of Pockie Saints complex world, either solo or with a team. Dungeons offer a ferocious challenge, tasking players with defeating epic bosses in each area to obtain items before they can progress to the next section.

Once all the bosses in a dungeon have been defeated, adventurers will find themselves rewarded with powerful clothing and other coveted items.

A bloody storm is about to sweep the continent. NGames will be releasing more information on Pockie Saints soon.

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