MicroVolts Debuts New U.S. Server


Variety Of New Events, Contests And Prizes

Markham, Canada - June 1, 2012 -
Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. announced today it is making room in the Micro World with the launch of a brand new North American Beta Server for its popular cartoon style third-person shooter, MicroVolts as part of its latest MicroUpdate. To celebrate this new update and the start of the European Cup right around the corner, MicroVolts will host a variety of exciting events featuring all-new challenges and in-game prizes! To check out the new server and all of the events, players can visit http://www.MicroVolts.com

More MicroVolters means more servers, and to kickoff the latest North American server as well as the start of Euro2012, MicroVolts is launching an array of exciting events including two prize-grabbing challenges for players! In the 1 Million RTChallenge, players can purchase a Euro Ball accessory item that shows which team they think will win the cup. Players who predict the winning team correctly will get their equal share of 1 million RT plus a permanent Euro Ball Accessory item! The entry deadline is the morning of June 7th so players should submit their predictions now at http://mall.microvolts.com/eurocup.aspx

From June 7th -July 1st, players can also participate in the Game Day Challenge, where every day players can purchase a Euro Ball accessory item to select which team they think will win in that day's matches. All items include a bonus 1,000 MP, but if players predict correctly, they will double upon their rewards! Players who are super confident in their team can purchase more items to increase their winnings. Additionally, MicroVolts will be adding all-new Clan Logos for each of the Euro 2012 participating countries allowing players to show off which team their clan supports!

MicroVolts' Montage Mania event was such a huge success it was hard to pick a winner! This time around, the MicroVolts Team is leaving it up to the MicroVolts community to decide! Players can check out the MicroVolts' YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/microvolts to view the "MicroVolts Montage Mania: Final 12" playlist to "Like" their favorite montage video. In addition, ever-observant MicroVolters that noticed a bit of a surprise "trollage" at the end of the last "Rumpus Room Ruckus" trailer, can look forward to the chance to exclusively win these quirky rage faces for their in-game character throughout the summer!

To check out current and upcoming events, visit http://www.MicroVolts.com

About MicroVolts
Four toy figures - Naomi, Knox, Pandora and C.H.I.P.- carry special instructions to activate others of their kind. But with limited battery resources, they are forced to fight for power. Now toys around the world are engaged in an all-out secret war for supremacy of the Micro World.

MicroVolts is a free to play online multiplayer third-person shooter. Players and reviewers alike are raving about the unique gaming experience of MicroVolts, with its dynamic cartoon style graphics and intense fast-paced gameplay. Players can create their own custom character, swap between 7 weapon types on the fly, and battle it out in over 10 exciting locations. With events and tournaments hosted each week and strong player involvement through social media channels and forums, there's something for both social and competitive gamers. Join the battle today at http://www.MicroVolts.com


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