First Major Conflict Erupts in TLBBs European Server


While players continue to improve in quality, the ancient Chinese world of TLBB remains a hub for competitive guilds & factions battles throughout its distant lands.

After seeing two of the games strongest alliances battle-it-out for victory on Twin Island (Soul City and Army of Heroes), the majestic Emperor is proud to be witnessing the heroic nature of his kingdoms warriors. The brutal engagement between both sides was relentless to say the least, but groups continue to form in abundance through the game and forum that have hit record numbers across the Dragon server and social networks such as Facebook.

Elite team Soul City is regarded as one best around town. Made up of players across Europe and as far as Singapore and Philippines, the former Straw Hats leader, Cityhunter, is a firm believer of experience and strength in depth across the group, while the Army of Heroes, lead by SoldierS leader DUEKZ is made up of players in Europe, Asia and Australia and continues to challenge for domination of the empire in this magical Chinese world.

This David and Goliath battle rages on and though both teams refuse to give up the fight, the question remains who will step forth in this domination war

You can view Part 1 of the ongoing battle between Soul City and Army of Heroes here: 

And, in an impacting 3rd quarter, Facebook TLBB has reached an impressive 9,500 fans whove swarmed the network for a piece of social connection to the game. Europes Community Manager Michael D. Sanzaburo had this to say: At the moment the numbers are riding high and we see a significant increase each day. Groups have been forming steadily and weve noticed a strong correlation between the two. Facebook TLBB has prompted a number of competitions, giveaways, news updates and more that help us reach out to the players in new and innovative ways and, in doing so, gives them plenty of benefits in return. With the latest landing page and WTF TLBB ad campaign now in place, were confident that our players have plenty of new updates to look forward to. There will also be something extra special for fans of
Facebook once the 10k mark is reached so youll have to watch this space to find out more

To become a fan of Facebook TLBB, please visit at 

To further assist groups and lone rangers of the game, the games Emperor has now begun a regular dose of item recommendations. The Emperors Item Choice is a fresh incentive introduced to benefit anyone looking for the next best thing when buying items from the newly launched token shop. The latest recommendation, Mysterious Mooncake, has prompted a number of players to log in to the server and take advantage of the celebratory gift along with the latest incentive to exchange tokens for goodies.

To find out more about the Gain With Exchange incentive and how players can get their hands on a very cool Emerald Dragon Mount, please visit the official website and/or the new landing page at or


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