Tales of Pirates II Closed Beta: Prove Your Mettle in the New PVP Arena


Ahoy, all pirates! Tales of Pirates II, an upcoming 3D MMORPG from IGG, has already begun its closed beta voyage. During this test phase, a new PVP Arena has been added to give players a chance to work as a team while battling against fellow pirates. Will your merry band of swashbucklers celebrate a resounding victory, or will defeat drive you to learn new tactics and improve your skills?

The PVP Arena focuses on teamwork, so players can only take part as a party. There are 3 different types of arena: Team of 2 Ground, Team of 3 Ground and Team of 5 Ground.

Team of 2 Ground
In this mode, 2 teams of 2 players are thrown into different zones of the same map for 5 minutes. Their objective is to kill the monsters found in each zone to gather materials. These materials can then be redeemed for points from the NPC located in the center of the map. Of course, the most successful pirates know when to take risks, so teams will earn additional points for materials gathered from their opponents zone. Youll want to bring along your most trusted mate to help protect your turf and plunder materials from the opposition.

Team of 3 Ground
In this 3v3 battle, 2 teams are placed at opposite sides of the map. The goal is simple: get to the battle ring in the center and stay there as long as you can. Players can engage in PvP battles inside the ring. The team that holds its ground for the longest amount of time during an 8-minute match will emerge victorious. Dominate your opponents and drive them out of your hard-earned territory to become champions of the ring.

Team of 5 Ground
In a massive 10-player PvP competition, 2 teams start at the top and bottom of the map. A monster will appear at 1 of 4 spawn points scattered around the map. The teams must then compete for materials dropped by the monster upon defeat, after which another monster will spawn elsewhere. The first team to submit 5 materials to the NPC on the left side of the map wins. This test of swiftness and tactics requires both strategy and teamwork. Secure the treasures and sabotage your opposition to earn both fame and fortune.

Each arena map has its own spectator gallery off to the side. Players can watch their fellow pirates fight it out and cheer their friends on if they have a special spectator pass.

Arena combatants can earn treasures beyond measure if theyre up to the task. Great equipment and accessories await those who prove they are worthy. Claim these unique arena items and youll stand out in a crowd wherever you go.

Whether you seek to bask in the glory of victory as envious peers look on, cheer for your friends, or scout the tactics of potential rivals, the PvP Arena offers something for everyone. Join the TOP II closed beta and experience the fun and excitement for yourself.

Visit the official website at http://top2.igg.com to learn more about Tales of Pirates II and find out how to get your closed beta key.


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