Threshold RPG Welcomes New and Old


In the past few months, Threshold has enjoyed a significant increase in new characters joining the world. We would like to welcome all of these new people, and encourage more to join the fun! New characters bring new ideas, stories, and character concepts that further enhance the rich game history that has evolved over 13 years.

We have also added an enormous amount of content in the last year, and invite people who have played the game in the past to stop in for a visit.

To welcome all these new players, and to show our older players how much we appreciate them, we have a number of special things planned for the next two weeks:

  1. RECOMMENDED PLAYING TIMES:  Every night, Thursday (2/12/09) through Sunday (2/15/09), between 9pm and Midnight EST will be a: Recommended Playing Time (RPT).

    What Does This Mean? Something fun or interesting will happen (or perhaps multiple fun and interesting things). In addition to admin run or encouraged events, players generally take advantage of these times of heavy usage to further their own RP plots and story lines. Exactly what may happen is unpredictible, so try to be online around or during this time!
  2. RP and Plot Events:  Throughout the week we are planning to have various role play oriented events and plot developments, as well as fun "game-ish" or combat oriented things. There should be fun for everyone!
  3. DOUBLE XP:  This weekend, starting Friday afternoon (approximately 2pm EST) (2/13/09) and lasting until midnight (EST) Sunday (2/15/09) will be DOUBLE EXPERIENCE POINT WEEKEND. Players will earn double the normal xp.
  4. New Character Milestones:  As a special encouragement to new characters, we have the following bonus rewards for characters that reach any of the following milestones between now and midnight Sunday (2/15/09):

    Reach Level 5:

    25,000 xp (enough xp to also gain guild level 5)
    5,000 coin
    5 ThreshCredits

    Reach Level 10:

    100,000 xp
    10,000 coin
    10 ThreshCredits

    ThreshCredits normally have to be purchased with real money, so this is an especially nice welcome gift!
  5. Writing Contest:  Next week, when the event is over, we will have a writing contest. We will invite people to write stories, songs, poems, etc. about things that happened IC during this event. We will share all of them with you and award prizes to the most interesting.

About Threshold RPG
Threshold RPG has been in continual operation, development, and expansion since 1994. Role Playing is required and players must stay In Character within the game. Out of Character communication takes place on special channels that are separate from the game world. This policy is actively enforced by the administration, which makes Threshold RPG unique among commercial MMORPGs.

Threshold has an extremely strong and devoted community. The number of active players who have been members for 5-10+ years is significant. New players are welcomed and embraced for the new ideas and storylines they bring to the game.

Threshold is free to play, and is supported by optional extras and perks people can choose to purchase if they wish. No perks are needed, however, to advance your character to any level.

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About Frogdice, Inc
Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, Frogdice, Inc. is a leading worldwide developer of online role playing games. Since 1996, Threshold RPG has been the flagship game of the company. Its newest game, Primordiax, is scheduled for release in 2009.

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