Bomb 'n Dash Interview with Kim Kyu-Boem


By Donna Desborough

Bomb 'n Dash is a unique battling game with a very different outlook on the world of MMOs. It is completely free to play and is good for the casual player as well as all night gaming sessions. I got a chance to talk with Mr. Kim Kyu-Boem, Director of Bomb N Dash Team.

Donna: The background story for the game is rather interesting. Are there any plans to expand on it or to let players help to develop it further?

Kim Kyu-Boem: Bomb ’N Dash keeps developing detail and unique episode series based on the main lands in the world map. There are 6 main lands like Playground, Caribbean Pirate Ship, Ice Land, Lava Heart, Battlefield, and Black Hole and they will be expanded along each episode. For example, Black Hole have two episode series which are being presented with Worm Hole and White Hole map with the common concept.

The interesting thing is that Bomb ’N Dash GM supporters take part in this process to deliver the voice from regular players. GM supporters are experienced players, give advantage to other players; provide game tips, assist new players, answer player’s questions, moderate the message board, etc. We are accepting the application and the minimum level requirement to become a GM supporter is level 10.

We refer to their opinion when we design the relationship between characters or decide items to add. GM supporters already know very well how Bomb ’N Dash works so it is pretty much great process to test the players’ response in advance. Moreover, we can get a chance to receive different opinion according to the different countries and different culture since GM supporters are from all over the world. We have to say “Thank you, GM supporters! We love you guys” The chance to be a GM supporter is opened to every player, so try your chance and get great experience to build Bomb ’N Dash together.

Donna: Will you run special events? Will they be live run or automated? How much interaction input would players have in such events outcome?

Kim Kyu-Boem: Bomb ’N Dash come alive with a number of events and prizes all the time. One of the prestigious event is the GM event since players rarely get a chance to meet the GM in other online games. Normally the GM never show up during online games, but Bomb ’N Dash GM is different. Players have two-hour chances per day to play the game with the GM.

The GM event is held daily between 1am to 3am GMT. All Bomb ‘N Dash players are welcome to participate in this event. Prizes include not only a free item but also additional 50 ~ 1K Pung, in-game money, depends on a battle record. Excited game users are looking forward to joining the event since it is also a great opportunity to talk with GMs in real-time.

Bomb ’N Dash GMs are also very thrilled about this event and are happy to guide new players through the event. It’s a great way for us to communicate with all players. We came to build community for the game more quickly. The GM event was just one time event at first. But we had such as huge response from users and it went so well, so we’ve decided to bring it back again. It is so valuable moment and great experience to meet players who deliver their ideas and opinion in person with genuine enthusiasm in order to make Bomb ’N Dash better.

Donna: Your level system is rather straight forward and easy to figure out for even the newest of players. Are there any plans to expand on the system or to make it more intricate?

Kim Kyu-Boem: We will expand current level system with tutorial mode, mission mode, quest mode, survival mode, boss mode, etc. which have been proposed from GM supporters and regular players through review event. It will improve the limit of current level system and allow the opportunities for players to challenge more with curiosity. We will keep develop Bomb ’N Dash with players together based on their admirable opinion like this.

Donna:  Currently there are only a limited number of items that can be used in a round. In the future will you be adding more to give the game a bit more depth or challenge?

Kim Kyu-Boem: We will focus on the variety of bomb, items and skills to bring more fun to players. We can not open detail plans here, but it will be much more than your imagination. For example, all different kinds of bomb like Hurricane Bomb, Fire Drop, Multiplicator and Crazy Pop will be presented with its unique splendid animation effect. Each bomb has not only great animation effect visually but also own function to affect character’s Exp and HP to cause reversion in the battle. I believe it will raise Bomb ’N Dash one step up in terms of entertainment.

Donna:  How did you come up with the idea for the Bomb n Dash World Championship? Is it going well so far? Is this the first year you've done it?

Kim Kyu-Boem: Actually Bomb ’N Dash World Championship is one of the GNGWC2007 sections which allows gamers around the world to experience the best online game titles that the Korean game industry has to offer. We could not join this event last year since we were not ready yet to present Bomb ’N Dash in the global market, but fortunately Bomb ’N Dash was able to meet its second phase in this year to launch it globally and even join GNGWC2007 with all engineers’ endless efforts and player’s support.

We just finished the regional final for Europe in Germany successfully on August 23rd, and will have the next regional final for Asia in Vietnam and for America in LA heading the grand final in Seoul, Korea. It is so much impressive experience to be the one all together with this event. Hopefully we would join GNGWC next year again for Bomb ’N Dash players in the world.

With several modes of play to choose from you could lose many hours battling to your heart's content. Bomb 'n Dash is completely free to play and delivers on it's promise of a good time. Good story and a simple level system makes it a game that is quick and easy to pick up and start paying. Find out more about Bomb 'N Dash at .


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