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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Sword of the New World, explorer! My name is Ambassador Neume from the Department of Pioneering Support, and I was commissioned by the Queen to write this guide for new pioneers. Within these pages you will find information useful to you in your exploration of Granado Espada.

First off, ensure that you have your account name and password, as well as your game client. Without these things your journey cannot begin.

The Launcher
Open the Sword of the New World client. The first thing you will see is the launcher. There are several important things to take note of here:

  • Launcher Notice: This area will tell you important information and announcements regarding Sword of the New World. Feel free to click any of the links to find out more. "
  • Patch Bars: These bars will fill as the launcher verifies that your client is up to date. If it is not, the launcher will automatically patch to the newest version of the game. Depending on connection speed this should only take a matter of moments. "
  • Auto-Start: Clicking the box labeled "Start automatically after patch" in the lower left corner of the launcher will auto-start the game after it has checked for any patch information. "
  • Windowed mode: Clicking the box labeled "Start as window mode" will launch the client in windowed mode instead of full screen. "
  • Start: This button will be labeled "Cancel" while the launcher is patching or verifying the client. When the client is patched to the most recent version, this button will say "Start", at which point clicking here will launch the Sword of the New World game client. "
  • Options: Clicking this window will pull up the options menu. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE WHERE YOU CAN CHANGE THE SCREEN RESOLUTION OF THE GAME! You will not be able to do this in game. The screen resolution is the only drop-down menu on the options page. As soon as you select the desired resolution (usually the same as your desktop resolution) you can click accept (which should already be highlighted at the bottom of the options menu). "
  • Close: This button will close the launcher.

Logging In
Once the game client launches you will be brought to the login screen. Here you will have the option to:

  • Enter ID/Password: Enter you login information as well as save your ID and enter the game world. "
  • Server List: Select the world you would like to play in. Remember, characters are created on a specific world and only exist on that world. "
  • Refresh: This will refresh the World Server listing. "
  • Register: This will take you to the registration page if you have not done so already. " Replay: This is a unique feature of Sword of the New World. While in game you can record video clips of play to send to friends or just watch later. This is where you go to view your Replays or Replays sent by friends. "
  • Homepage: This will take you to the Sword of the New World website. "
  • Game Exit: This will close the client.

Your Quarters
Once you log into your server, you will be taken to your Quarters (NOTE: In the current build the term "Barracks" is used interchangeably with the term "Quarters"). Each Quarters can hold 9 characters and each family can unlock up to 4 Quarters for a total of 36 characters. While in your quarters you can:

  • Quarters: At the top left of your screen you will see your family name and current family level. Your family level grants an inherent "buff" to all of your characters. Every character over level 10 contributes family points, which advances your family's level. In this area you will also find your Quarters selection. Click on the button labeled Quarters 1, Quarters 2, etc. to see the characters you have in those Quarters. If a section of your Quarters is currently empty, its button will be grayed out. "
  • Quarters Slots: Tells you how many spots are currently open in your quarters. You can increase this number by talking to NPCs in game.
  • Team Area: The characters standing in the foreground are currently in your team. To add a character to your team, click on that character and select the "Add to team" option that appears. To remove a character from your team click on that character and select "Exclude from team". Remember, you have multiple Quarters. If the character you want is not visible in the Quarters you are in, select another Quarters at the top right of the screen.
  • Help: This area will display tips and hints based on your current team selection.
  • Character Creation: Click this button to create a new character or use a Unique Player Character (UPC). In the Character Creation Screen you can select the gender and class of your character, view the base stats for each class and UPC, and change the costume the character is wearing. You can also name your character here. Remember, in the game world all of your characters will display your family name. The character's first name must be unique to the server, be 16 characters or less, and only A-Z and 0-9 can be used.
  • Character Deletion: Deletes a character, and disables new character creation for 1 minute.
  • Family Deletion: Be careful with this button, as it will delete your family entirely. This option can only be chosen if there are no active characters in the family.
  • Log-out: This will take you back to the login screen
  • Game Completion: This will close the client.
  • Former Start: This will return you to the last place you logged out of the game with the characters you had in your team at the time.
  • New Start: This will enter you into the game world with the characters currently selected on your 'Team' displayed at the front of the screen (See Team Area for more info).
  • Channel: This will select what channel you will enter the game world on. A channel is a copy of the entire game world (think of it like a sub-server). While you can receive whispers, clan chat and squad chat between channels you will not be able to see other players that are not on you channel. So make sure you coordinate with your friends so you are always on the correct channel together.

The New World Awaits
At this point in the game you can only take one character to the game world, so create one and add that character to your team. The character will walk forward into the team area. Click "New Start" and begin the tutorial. The tutorial will introduce basic game commands and concepts, and you will be able to unlock multi-character control (MCC). At this point you will return to your Quarters to create and select more characters to join your team.

At the end of the tutorial you will meet Sir Lyndon. He will get you started with a few quests as well as give you some basic equipment. Don't forget to talk to the Combat Trainer to the right of Sir Lyndon before you leave, as he has important information about MCC and combat in general.

Controls and Hot Keys
Finally, to move in Sword of the New World, simply left click on the ground and your characters will move to that spot. Right clicking the screen and dragging the mouse will pan the camera around your characters. You can adjust the functionality and viewpoint of the camera in the options menu in game (Alt + O). You can also change your mouse sensitivity in the options menu if the camera movement is too slow for you.

  • Hot Keys: Each character has room for up to 5 stance skills, 1 class skill and 2 usable item slots on their action bar at the bottom of the screen. You can either click a button on the action bar to use that ability or item, or you can press the corresponding hot key. They are as follows:
  • Character 1: Q, W, E, R, and T for stance skills, Y for class skills and U, I for items.
  • Character 2: A, S, D, F, and G for stance skills, H for class skills and J, K for items.
  • Character 3: Z, X, C, V and B for stance skills, N for class skills and M and comma (,) for items.
  • Defend Mode: To attack a monster, just left click on it and your characters will begin auto-attacking. You can also press SPACEBAR to make your characters enter Defend mode, which will order them to automatically attack any nearby enemies. Be aware, though, while in Defend mode they may chase enemies that run away, thus splitting up your team.
  • Hold Mode: Hold mode is your friend. While in Hold mode your team will hold their positions and attack monsters that get close to them. If a monster runs away, your team will not pursue (Unlike Defend Mode). To activate hold mode hit CTRL + H.
  • Harvest Mode: When an item drops after defeating a monster you can left click the item and your characters will pick it up. Alternately, you can hit CTRL + SPACEBAR to pick up any nearby items to which you have looting rights.

Additional Gameplay tips:

Game Options Menu

  • If you find your graphics card having trouble rendering the hordes of monsters that sometimes surround you in Sword of the New World, you can adjust the amount of monsters (and players) the game renders on the screen with the Limit screen output sliders.
  • If you are having trouble clicking on a item, or a specific mob, checking the Display character outlines box will render a colored glow around the mob or object when your mouse is placed over it.

Gameplay Strategies

  • Use the fighter ability Provoke to group mobs up so that you can AOE them more effectively.
  • You can designate groups within your family by selecting the family members you want in the group, and assigning it using Ctrl+ (1, 2 or 3). Once a group is set, hitting the number key associated with that group will select it.
  • Remember that while your characters level from killing monsters and XP cards, you character stances only level up when you use that stance in combat.
  • As your stances level up, they unlock new abilities, and you gain points to invest in those skills.
  • Abilities which reduce the defensive power of a monster allow all your entire party to hit harder and do more damage.
  • Alt+right clicking on a monster will allow you to see its stats.
  • The higher your defense, the less damage you will take from physical attacks.
  • Keeping your characters grouped up allows monsters and other players(in pvp) to AOE you.
  • When an enemy is casting an AOE, their targeting circle will be displayed in red on the ground. This gives you a chance to move out of it before the AOE goes off.
  • The scout will only automatically heal in First aid and Fortitudo stance. You can manually heal in the scouts other stances by clicking or pressing your hotkey for the scouts heal ability, and then selecting the target you wish to heal.
  • New stances can be purchased from the appropriate trainer in each cities Master Room.
  • Each stance requires certain weapons to be equipped. If you can't access a stance, make sure you have the appropriate weapon equipped.
  • Remember to spend your points for each stance to increase the effect of the abilities in that stance.
  • Fortitudo Stance- This Scout stance has a number of powerful buffs that can increase HP, regenerate HP and SP, and even increase attack and movement speeds.
  • Throw Back - This skill, in the Wizard's Psychokinesis Stance, uses telekinetic energy to knock the opponent back, as well as doing damage.
  • Fireball - This skill, in the Elementalist's Possession Fire Stance, is a low level area of effect spell that deals damage to any enemy within range.
  • Deep Straight - This is a skill in the Fighter's Back Guard Stance. It knocks the opponent to the ground and does a small amount of damage.
  • Blazing Pillar - This skill, in the Elementalist's Domination: Fire Stance, calls forth a huge pillar of fire to burn enemies within the area of effect and inflicts a large amount of damage.
  • Escrima Stance- This is the single dagger stance available to the Fighter and Scout classes.
  • First Aid Stance - This is the primary healing stance in the game. When the character using this stance has no weapons equipped, they will be able to auto-heal characters around them who have taken damage.
  • Penta-train - This skill in the Fighter's Back Guard Stance hits the target with 4 devastating blows
  • Mass Cure - This First Aid stance skill heals all family members within range for a moderate amount of damage.
  • Earth Tremor - This skill, in the Fighter's Back Guard Stance, knocks opponents on their back for 3 seconds as well as dealing a substantial amount of damage.
  • While fighting monsters alone may be easy, partying with others (called Squads in Sword) will garner you better loot and allows you to take on more difficult monsters.
  •  To squad with another player you must first create a squad using the menu at the top left of the screen.


  • Cooldown - this is a short period of time in which skills cannot be used. The cooldown becomes active after switching stances or using a skill.
  • AoE - Short hand for Area of Effect. These skills and spell effect a number of opponents within the selected area.
  • PvP - Short hand for Player versus Player. As the name implies this is a type of combat between two or more players.

Well, you are now ready to begin exploring the New World. Remember, while in-game if you have any questions you can always access the help menu by hitting ALT + H. Welcome to the Granado Espada, and good luck in your travels!

~Ambassador Neume
Department of Pioneering Support


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