War Rock Interview with Associate Producer Jason Suinn


By Donna Desborough

Military first person shooter with the whole world to play with or against, that's War Rock. With so many military games out there though I just had to find out a little bit more. I had to know just what could make this one stand out from the crowd. So I had a chat with War Rock's Jason Suinn.

Donna: Tell us a little about yourself and what your part is in War Rock.

Jason: My name is Jason Suinn, and I'm the Associate Producer for War Rock. It's my job to guide War Rock by setting goals for my team at K2 Network and Dream Execution and then providing support to make sure those goals are achieved.

Donna: How would you explain the game to someone who knows nothing about War Rock?

Jason: War Rock is an exciting online tactical First Person Shooter (FPS) that provides exhilarating gameplay action for every type of military FPS fanatic. Whether you wish to work together as an elite squad to accomplish a goal, fight small scale battles using small arms, large scale battles using tanks, jets and assault boats or even if you just want to annihilate everything that moves. It's all there in one game.

Donna: The story of War Rock is very military in nature. Is any part of the game's background built on current events?

Jason: War Rock takes place in a fictional country called Derbaran, where civil unrest has just broken out. Any similarities to current events would be purely coincidental. Weapons and vehicles, however, are based on their real world counterparts.

Donna: As the story unfolds how much involvement will players have in shaping the world around them?

Jason: Currently players are able to play out battles and scenarios that take place in the current storyline. Each map contains mission specs for each side, giving the player a peek into the plans and thoughts of the factional leaders.

Donna: How does character development work? Are players able to mould their characters in unique ways to make them different from other characters?

Jason: As players level, they gain expanded access to weapons and items that allow each individual to outfit their characters to fit their play style and skills. Players can further individualize their characters by organizing into groups or clans and creating their own custom clan symbol that other players can see in-game.

Donna: Are there plans to run events? Will they be the more static type of events or will players have an active role in them?

Jason: Our Game Masters (GMs) are constantly thinking up and running events. These events vary in range from serious, where the main characters from the story make appearances to purely fun events like the War Rock Olympics. In addition, War Rock regularly runs contests with prizes.

Donna: How will your premium services work? The game is Free2Play but also has subscription options also, how will this work exactly?

Jason: As with all of K2 Networks games, War Rock is Free2Play. Players never have to spend a dime to play our games, EVER! However, War Rock does offer three levels of premium services that users may choose to purchase. What premium does is allow a higher level of control over the game. Some of the privileges include creating private rooms, wider access to maps, access to premium-only items and weapons and registering your clan for the Clan System and clan benefits.

Donna: Will players who opt for the premium services have a distinct advantage over those who don't pay?

Jason: Players with premium will have an advantage over Free2Play players in that they can purchase weapons and items not available to Free2Play players. The advantage, however, is very minimal, as what it comes down to in the end is skill. Although having a bigger gun helps, it does not equate to better skill, it just makes for a prettier corpse.

Donna: Will there be a PvP option in War Rock? Exactly how will it work?

Jason: War Rock has a special battle mode call Free For All where there are no teams. It's every man and woman for themselves. Also, in the near future we will be adding the ability for clans to set up their own clan wars via the integrated Clan System. Stay tuned!

Donna: What are the future plans for War Rock? Is there anything special we should keep an eye out for?

Jason: War Rock is an ever evolving game and because it is online we can add new content and features often. Along with new maps, weapons, vehicles and battle modes look forward to the ability to add weapon attachments, more features in the Clan System, and automatic room creation for clan wars. As always, we're constantly thinking of new ideas for War Rock, so look forward to many new features in the future.

For those that enjoy PvP and military games this could be something for them to check out. I personally don't know if I'll play much even though I love FPS games. War Rock is part of the Game n Game World Championships. So, if you like FPS military games then now's the time to join and compete for cash prizes and a trip to Korea. You can find out more about War Rock and the GNGWC on the game's website, http://www.warrock.net.


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