Navy Field GNGWC Interview with Randy aka TeamNF MK2


By Donna Desborough

SDEnterNet's Navy Fields is an MMO strategic WWII simulation game that is one of the many that is part of the Game and Game World Championships. Teams will fight compete against one another for the title of world champions in this nail biting navy strategy game. With such a unique game being part of the tournament I thought I'd take the chance and have a chat with the developers of Navy Field.

Donna: Can you tell me a little about what you do at SDEnterNet and with Navy Field?

Randy aka TeamNF MK2: Hi there, I work out of our Seattle location assisting our US Manager; Mr. Yuno Jeong. I assist with general GM duties such as providing customer support and assistance to our game moderators as well as various business management duties including brainstorming new ideas to be implemented in our titles or helping to organize events such as this.

Donna: Can you give us a brief overview of Navy Field?

Randa aka TeamNF Mk2: Navy Field at its essence is a game where teams of players compete against each other in WWII era warships. What sets it apart is its massively multiplayer strategic aspect in which teams can be made up of up to 64 players and those most successful are the ones who use teamwork and strategy. Navy Field allows friends to play together towards a common goal and along with features such as clan communities, official game forums, and special events, help to provide great value in entertainment.

Donna: Navy Field is a strategy game, so just how does it fit into the GNGWC?

Randa aka TeamNF Mk2:  Strategy is just one aspect of Navy Field. Although it is essential for teams to work together and use strategy to succeed, the battles take place in real-time so spectators will enjoy watching as the action unfolds.

Donna: How will the team work for the tournament?

Randa aka TeamNF Mk2: The clans that have progressed will have 2 representatives invited to play in LA. Those representatives will not be on their own because their teammates will join them online in order to compete in the tournament battles. The teams of 13 will have to work together in order to succeed.

Donna: Navy Field is based in World War II, so will the tournament be totally outside of the game's story or will it be integrated into its lore?

Randy aka TeamNF MK2: WWII provides the background of Navy Field but its core is in massively multiplayer battles. Since there are many clans in NF, organizing tournament play for them to test their skills provides a perfect companion to the game play philosophy of NF.

Donna: Is this the first time Navy Field has been in a competition like this and are there plans for it to be in future tournaments or have its own?

Randa aka TeamNF Mk2: We often hold special events within our community but none on the scale of GNGWC. This is the first time we have organized a competition like this; but, we intend it not to be the last. We have received a great positive response from the community about GNGWC. We hope to provide this sort of competition on a yearly basis.

Navy Fields is an unusual game in the MMO world and seems very fit to tournament play. The ships will be preset for the tournament so every bit of strategic skill will be needed for every player. In a WWII setting a tournament almost has to be done as it seems so very fitting. With money and trips to be won I'd be surprised if any of its players didn't enter.

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