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Mobile soccer, anyone? Mobile maker Nokia, a leading developer of Java games and have announced the launch of SNAP Mobile Soccer, the latest member in Nokia's fast-growing Java game portfolio.

Aimed at a target audience of both male and female players age 16 to 40, SNAP Mobile Soccer is expected to be available through selected cellular phone service providers by late 2005. A number of Nokia and non-Nokia handsets will support the game.

SNAP Mobile Soccer players can compete with real people in single matches or attempt in professional or user-created leagues. And they train, play and watch the games on their cellphones while on the go, or on PC when at home. Home or outside, mobile soccer is with you!

SNAP Mobile Soccer, backed by the Nokia SNAP (Scalable Network Application Package) Mobile platform, helps mobile phone users do much more than just play their teams against other teams. With SNAP Mobile Soccer, gamers can actually train individual players to form the best team. Team owners can watch and appraise every one of their soccer players and their abilities, then train them based on their unique strengths and weaknesses to create a winning team. With proper attention to their rising soccer skills, they will soon be competing at higher and higher levels.

Nokia's Mobile Soccer game is a novel Java game, where mobile soccer players use "artificial life" technology to train their team members and position them against other teams in cross-town or worldwide matches. Each member of your team has the ability to learn distinct football skills and - with regular practice and personal attention - retain those skills while learning new and better skills.

"The better you know your players, the better you can train them." But he cautions that it works both ways: Just as in life, your players must work to improve their skills or risk losing them. This requires regular practice and a good dose of personal attention. The more you love your players, the more they'll return the love by showing their winning ways," says SNAP Mobile Soccer creator.

Nokia's mobile soccer players can coach their players to kick farther, run faster, change directions quicker, guard the goal better - these and all the other specialized skills that go into building a winning team. Fourteen players are included with each team, and with a nod to the worldwide popularity of women's soccer, women's teams as well as men's teams are available.

Name your players, customize their uniforms, create your own formations - SNAP Soccer lets you make all the important team decisions.

Each member of the mobile soccer game team arrives with average playing skills, but with his own unique "digital DNA." Thoroughly learn each player and quickly identify the special promise inherent in each member of your team. Their training and success are in your hands alone. The harder you train and the smarter you coach them, the faster they develop into the team you always wanted to create.

Mobile soccer teams can be coached and managed with cellphones or computers, and matches can be seen on mobile handsets as well as full screen on any compatible Internet-enabled PC. Your mobile soccer team "lives" on a server, so you can play opposing teams even while their owners are otherwise occupied.

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