Enlightened Age Entertainment Announces Fall of Rome Launch




Exciting Twelve Player Online Turn Based Strategy Game launches September 4, 2004

DALLAS, TX - SEPTEMBER 4, 2004 - Enlightened Age Entertainment, Inc. (EAE) is releasing its much anticipated historical setting true strategy game Fall of Rome on September 1st. EAE President Rick McDowell said, "After seventeen months of intensive development including five months in beta testing, we are very pleased to bring Fall of Rome to the online market. Our aim is for it to be enthusiastically regarded as the best multi-player turn based strategy game available anywhere."

About Fall of Rome
Fall of Rome is set in the 5th century, at the dawn of Dark Ages Europe. From the power vacuum created by the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, twelve historical kings including Arthur of the Celts and Atilla the Hun struggle for dominance across Germania, Gaul, Italia, and other historical regions in an engrossing game that involves not only intense battles, but political maneuvering, economic development, espionage, spying, and plenty of intrigue in the negotiations and deal-making between players. There is also present an element of the mythos of the period, as heroes of each kingdom can venture to recover powerful artifacts such as Excalibur or the Sword of Mars (legend has that it was possessed by Atilla) from their mythical guardians. Fall of Rome is true strategy, that is, turn based strategy. The twelve players in any one contest begin the game on the same day, each has an equal number of turns, and the game ends with a victor after no more than 24 turns. In any one turn each player issues more than a dozen commands to his varied forces. These include ordering the movement and specific battle tactics of armies across a map of ancient Europe, commanding the noble court, attempting assassinations, sabotage or other espionage, gleaning divinations from the high priestess, and issuing commands to improve defense and economic output of their civilization. Each player chooses a time at his convenience within the 72 hour period between turns to plan his strategy and issue his commands using the intuitive graphic user interface. The game is browser-based so there is nothing to buy at a store and no large files to download. More information is available at www.fallofromegame.com.

About Enlightened Age Entertainment, Inc.
Enlightened Age Entertainment designs, produces and markets award winning multi-player online strategy games. Our experienced design and software engineering team have led development on games on every current platform, including PC, Mac, PlayStation II, XBox, and GameCube. Our design credits include multiple national awards including Game of the Year from both Origins and Gen Con. Enlightened Age Entertainment is headquartered in Dallas, TX, and collaborates with artists and development talent around the country and the world. Learn more about our team at www.kingdomsofarcania.com/eae.asp.


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