CritticAge, A New Beginning


Submitted News:

The Game:
CritticAge is a FREE browser based game filled with many things to do! These are two of the four current game areas, the two others are listed further down: The main game where you can do many things, such as battle other players and friends, train at the Rec Center to improve your stats, gamble at the casino, interact with other players via - chat, message boards, game mail, treck around the Dead Zone pumping oil, fishing and mining for titanium, join a gang, do jobs to earn money and buy wepons - just to name a few! Cydrons - A cydron is a base you buy to test military units, buildings and other things for a company called "Cydron Inc.". This area is a kingdom management type of area where you can control everything that goes on in your base. You are apart of a "zone", ones are made up of 25 other bases/players. At this moment in time there is only one round being run on a "tick" system set at 1 tick per hour. In the future there will be 2-3 games run at once, each with different speed ticks and different game duration. At this time there is two more game areas in the planning. One of which I am VERY excited about and can't wait to get started on. You can signup to the game by going here:

Recent CritticAge has been down for days at a time, recently the game/server was down for 7 days. This is because the (now ex) server provider shut down all servers with only 60 minutes warning. A new server was ordered and setup with a much more creditable company with a better network. For the last month the game had some downtime off and on, all related to the server provider, all these issues should now be fixed and the should now get 99.5% uptime a month!

The next few months should be very exciting! Before the downtime two pretty big addons were released.

Firstly the Underground. The Underground is an RPGish type of town with losts of things to do. You can form a mining party with friends and other players, lurk around the sewers for mutants, trade minerals at the market, buy potions, undertake quests, train skills to help you to fight mutants and more! This new game area was created and is maintained by Evan. Evan has been an Admin of the game since the beginning, and only recently has he helped in the development.

I also released another game area in beta stage a few weeks ago, called the StarPort. At the StarPort you can buy a space ship to explor the deepths of the universe. In the beta stage there will be only one galaxy, but in the final release there will be eight (8). This addon is another way for players to make extra money. Because your turns are updated every 15 minutes, you can explor space all day!

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you playing CritticAge soon!



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