Rating: 80.7%

Price: Free Genre: Card, Strategy Platform: Windows Interface: 2D Status: Gold Time Δ: Turn Based Developer: Unknown Publisher: Unknown ESRB: Unknown MMO: No Release Date: Unknown


Yu-Gi-Oh Online is a PC game where you can engage in Yu-Gi-Oh O.C.G. battles with other duelists from around the world. Here you can battle, chat, and even trade!


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Yu-Gi-Oh Online Screenshot
Yu-Gi-Oh Online Screenshot


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5 years ago
5 years ago
it is unbelievably fun!!!
5 years ago
Yu-Gi-Oh! Online has certainly evolved! I remember the more grass-roots online effort. The major complaint is that you needed DP (Duel Points, YGOO's in-game currency of sorts) to be able to duel anyone. With NPCs, avid deck builders can test their many concepts against different strategies, rather than wasting DP dueling against players with just a few, highly-refined decks. Yu-Gi-Oh! is often written off as a kid's game but there are many subtle elements in the game that make it as deep, if not more deep, than the popular TCG/CCG offerings of today. I personally like Yu-Gi-Oh! better than MTG. I feel there is less of a brutal learning curve on YGOO but the committed player will find countless opportunities to push themselves further. It's especially fun seeing more unorthodox decks taking out some of the best players in the community. We're seeing beatdown decks returning to the forefront thanks to synchro summons and other updates to YGO core mechanics.. But there are plenty of surprising decks out there! I say give it a whirl. You won't be disappointed if you keep an open-minded and like thinking games. The social aspects of the game are kind of lacking but the constant events keep the game engaging. It'd be nice to see better deals on DuelPasses so that younger players and those of us on a budget can feel more encouraged to play more actively. ;o)
9 years ago
Irritating, somewhat.
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