Rating: 84.3%

Price: Free Genre: MUD Platform: Linux, Mac, Windows Interface: Text Based Status: Gold Time Δ: Real Time Developer: Unknown Publisher: Unknown ESRB: Unknown MMO: No Release Date: Unknown


Create your very own unique character from our extensive races and classes. Join one of our many Clans, or remain a wanderer, and explore this fantasy world at your leisure. 4D prides itself as a newbie-friendly and care-free mud.


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13 years ago
This game isn't the ordinary hack and slash adventure, there's so much you can do besides that. Like go on quests, do some collecting or farming, fishing or mining. All of that and much much more in the 4 dimensions of Medievel, Prehistoric, Future and the Old West.. There are loads of player extras such as individually created equipment and houses and there is a very helpfull Mud School for those who are new. Plenty of people to offer help to if you really get stuck.
14 years ago
This is a very good game, it truely describes what a mud should be. I would not recomend it for novice mudders though as it can be a bit confusuing, check out www.firstage.net if your new. I give it an 8 because it is very good. Ecellent story line. I particuarly liked the part after you run from the goblins *wink*
14 years ago
Its a great game, very fun to play,just cant get enough of it.
14 years ago
4 Dimensions is a great game. It's well supported. The Imps are players themselves. It's very friendly with the option of killing players for those that prefer it. It's huge, so there is always new stuff to do and try. The quests are well thought out. I love it.