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November 21, 2013
Nexon Unleashes Vindictus Season 2, Episode 3: Secrets of the Crystals

Nexon has just unleashed a part one of a massive new content update for its fast-paced MMO Vindictus. In the Season 2 Episode 3, the Secrets of the Crystals, players can experience:

  • A new region, Misty Summit - Players will be able to take departure from Misty Summit to a newly added region called Malina. Misty Summit consists of the four small and large summits. Players can climb summits or move from summit to summit and fight battles. Battles selected at the Misty Summit region will take place in the daytime and those selected in the Moonlight Peak will place in the nighttime.
  • New monsters - Winged Gremlins and Wood Man monsters appear in the Misty Summit region. A different boss monster will appear for each battle. Crazy Masaka, the final boss of the Winged Gremlin, will appear in the Misty Summit Battle. Steel Muspell, the final boss of the Wood Man, will appear in the Moonlight Peak Battle.
  • New items - A recipe and the materials for crafting level 70 equipment called the Champion Set has been added, as well as level 70 and level 80 belts, with an exclusive Enchant Scroll. Players can obtain the materials for crafting the Champion Set during the Misty Summit battle and the materials for crafting the weapon of the Champion Set during the Moonlight Peak battle.
  • Unique monster system - If players move to different regions during a battle in the Misty Summit region, a unique monster will randomly appear, identifiable by the glistening, golden marker that appears above its head.. Unique monsters are not a boss monsters, but have their own names and distinctive behavior patterns. Players can earn the same rewards as those found in a Treasure Chest upon defeating a unique monster.
  • Revenger monster system - A revenger monster will appear at a randomly after players defeat the boss monster of a battle in the Misty Summit region. The revenge monster will gather the remnants of a defeated boss monster and then form its own body with those body parts. Players can earn the same rewards as those found in a Treasure Chest upon defeating the revenge monster.


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