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April 12, 2013
Wartune Making Troops Dance to the Beat of Your Drum

True power doesn?t come from the individual, but the army in NGames' free-to-play strategy/RPG-hybrid MMO

NGames Ltd, a leading publisher of online games and operator of the portal, has today revealed the deep troop mechanics powering the battles behind new free-to-play strategy/RPG-hybrid MMO, Wartune.

Featuring single and mulitplayer dungeons, PvP arenas, competitive battlegrounds, thousand-player boss battles, a robust guild system, and...farming; Wartune is a new online game from publisher NGames that combines fan-favourite features from a multitude of multiplayer gaming genres and wraps them all up in foreboding fantasy setting.

In the fierce battle between good and evil, a strong army will be the only method of survival; no matter when or what battle takes place, players will always be accompanied by their soldiers. They are not only the city?s population, but also the hero?s company on the battlefield. In Wartune, combat power is directly calculated by the number, power and variety of troops in an army.

There are 9 different troop types available for training in the barracks: Lancer, Huner, Paladin, Priest, Gryphon, Knight, Angel, Templar and Warlock. These 9 troops have different stats and level requirements - a well considered combination will massively increase the combat power and versatility of any player's army.

Each troop type has its own specialty. Lancers use long spears and charge at the frontline, and require the lowest level barracks. Meanwhile, Hunters use iron bows to attack from distance and require a L4 barracks for training.

The next tier of troops is Priests, controllers of elements, who excel in attack and magical defense, and Paladins - martial artists with a strong attack and robust physical defense. Mounted units in the form of Knights and Gryphons are fast moving and require a L30 barracks.

Knights and Angels are the second strongest tier of units, and as such have extremely powerful attack and defensive skills. The strongest tier, requiring a L50 barracks, is Templars and Warlocks. Templars are swordsman reborn from the abyss, possessing numerous battle skills, while Warlocks use black magic to give them access to the power of darkness.

The more balanced an army, the more powerful it will be, allowing smaller well-designed armies to be stronger than armies comprised solely of Angels, for example.

In terms of combat ability, Mages are focused on magical attack, so adding some physical attack troops such as Paladins and Gryphons will help provide a balanced offensive force. Armies that employ Hunters would do well to also consider the healing Angels and some powerful attackers in Warlocks. How each player customizes their army is up to them, and the possibilities are endless.

The contents of an army is not the only consideration when charging towards battle in Wartune. The formation is equally important. When fighting bosses and in wild battles, keeping weaker troops protected by defensive troops will allow players to maximize their army?s damage while limiting losses.

With a little bit of thought, players can choose the right troops to compliment their class and ensure they're ready to march onward, to victory!

Wartune is a new hybrid MMORPG currently in Open Beta on the portal. Interested players can create a warrior and join the action now:

Official Site:

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