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April 4, 2013
Pockie Ninja II Original Chapter 5: Ancient Shadow Invasion

First details of new expansion to the Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece MMO

NGames, publisher of award-winning online games and operator of the portal, has today revealed the first details of "Chapter 5: Ancient Shadow Invasion" - the latest expansion coming soon to Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece MMO, Pockie Ninja II Original.

Ten Tails, the most fearsome demon of all, has resurrected and the Ancient Shadow is ready to invade the ninja world. In Chapter 5, Pockie Ninja II Original players face their toughest challenge yet as the biggest battle of the Naruto anime series comes to its climax. Chapter 5 is about the death and survival of the entire ninja world. Who will stand strong in the face of catastrophe?

Previously sealed in the moon by Sage of the Six Paths, Ten Tails is ready to make his dangerous return to the Ninja World with an army of powerful ninjas besides him.

With the help of Madara and Obito, Ten Tails has millions of ninjas at his disposal, all resurrected through the soul-destroying Rinne Rebirth technique, which infects its host with Ten Tails' powerful Chakra.

Chapter 5 introduces a host of new characters for players to battle in Pockie Ninja II Original, all under the influence of the Rinne Rebirth. Unlike Reanimation, ninjas resurrected by Rinne Rebirth are much stronger, but their abilities can wildly vary depending on the amount of Chakra they receive. To help players avoid battles they cannot win, opponents resurrected by Rinne Rebirth will have their names displayed with different colours to represent their strength: green, blue, purple, and orange (from weakest to strongest.)

Ninjas will need to band together like never before to defeat the powerful new threat to Ninja World, so players are advised to put individualism aside and prepare to team up with their in-game friends. When Chapter 5 is released, players will be able to create their own team or apply to join an existing group of ninjas just like before, only now they won't need to worry about splitting rewards amongst teammates. Every reward a greedy ninja earns, a greedy ninja keeps.

Players of all ranks are expected to join the battle against Ten Tails. A new Ancient Shadow fight mode will be availabe to all players, which pits them against the powerful Rinne Rebirthed characters. A new Quick Entry system is also being introduced, automatically matching ninjas with opponents of a similar strength. Even teams of friends with different ranks will benefit from the Quick Entry system, as it automatically pits groups against opponents matching the level of the teams highest ranked member.

Joining the fight doesn't only benefit the ninjas living in Ninja World, it benefits their pets too. When resurrected ninjas die, some of their Ten Tails chakra fails to dissipate, leaving behind a small amount that forms Hogyoku or Hogyoku Essence. Players can collect these items and use them to level up the abilities of their favourite pets.

"Chapter 5 ? Ancient Shadow Invasion" is coming soon to Pockie Ninja II Original.

Pockie Ninja II Original is a thrilling, completely free-to-play Naruto and Bleach MMORPG. Everybody is welcome to sign up and join the anime inspired fun now: 

Official Site:

Gamers can enjoy a variety of free online games, including popular anime MMO's, Pockie Ninja II Original and Pockie Pirates, on Game321 now:

About Pockie Ninja II Original

Published by NGames, Pockie Ninja II Original brings a significant advancement over 2011's smash hit, Pockie Ninja. The Naruto and Bleach MMO sequel is available in two versions ? a dedicated standalone version, and a patched version rolled out over Pockie Ninja.

Pockie Ninja II Original features a massive new free-roaming world; thousands of updated quests and storylines; stunning new locations and graphics powered by the advanced engine 2.0; updated combat and clan systems; Zanpakuto blades; angelic wings; and much, much more.


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