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March 28, 2013
Tales of Laputa Closed Beta Launching April 1st

First phase of testing date confirmed for anticipated anime MMORPG

NGames, a leading online games publisher and operator of the online games portal, has today confirmed that the Closed Beta test for Tales of Laputa will begin 9PM (GMT-5) on April 1st, 2013.

Combining MMORPG gameplay with classic anime elements, Tales of Laputa thrusts players into a brave new world where magic and machinery coexist, and the threat of demonic invasions is an ever-present danger. As a member of the Order ? a society of heroes established to safeguard Laputa - players not only face an epic struggle against notorious Bandits vying to overthrow the island, they must also seek to reveal the true history of Laputa and finally lead the City of Sky into a new era of peace of prosperity.

Tales of Laputa's closed beta will begin April 1st and run for 7 days, finishing at 23:59 (GMT-5) on April 7th.

Players lucky enough to be granted access will experience one of NGames' most feature rich online games yet, boasting six player classes, fast turn-based combat, a deep Pet system with access to over 150 unique pets to breed and battle, and a plethora of exciting quests and dungeons to explore.

Beta testers are encouraged to put Tales of Laputa through its paces and offer feedback on the experience, which will allow NGames to prepare for further tests ahead of the game's launch later this year.

Willing adventurers can top up their Tales of Laputa accounts by transferring Golden Beans through the portal, allowing them to test everything the game has to offer. Golden Beans are have an exchange rate of 40 Ingots (Tales of Laputa's in-game currency.) When the closed beta ends NGames will return all transferred Golden Beans back to their players, and all user data will be wiped.

NGames has even pledged to hand out extra rewards of up to 20% the Ingot value of any Golden Beans spent during this first round of testing.

The Tales of Laputa Closed Beta test will be launching April 1st. Interested players can visit the Tales of Laputa official website and pre-register now:

Official Site:

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About Tales of Laputa
Tales of Laputa is a feature packed web MMORPG with exciting battle gameplay and classic anime elements. The game takes places in a continent where magic and machinery coexists. The Order of Morias is the ruler of City of Sky. The mysterious Bandits group, which bears unknown missions, is vying to overturn the order of the continent. As a member of the Order, players must join the unprecedented war, reveal the true history and finally lead the City of Sky to a new era, and all while teaming up with friends to create an organization even greater than the Order of Morias


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